Baby Bags

This is what we need for the Baby Bags: 

What goes in a Baby Bag?

The aim is to provide mum with all she needs for her stay in hospital for herself and her baby so she can hold up her head and be proud alongside the other mothers in the ward. We want our mums to have dignity.  

For the baby·

·       1 Pack of Nappies

·       Baby wipes

·       Baby cream

·       Cotton wool balls

·       2-3 outfits – vests; Babygros; hats

·       Shawl or cellular blanket

·       Baby toy





For the mum

·       Toilet bag

·       Toiletries

·       Maternity Sanitary Towels

·       Toothbrush and toothpaste

·       Breast pads

·       Pack of tissues

·       Nice towel

·       Night dress

·       Slippers

·       Dressing Gown or Bed Jacket.

·       Pants